Our Products Our Magic Spells, Wish Kits and Blessed Candles are made in the tradition of the Ancient Laws of Balance used by the Wise Women of old.  We make all our own Blessing Blends using traditional methods and oils.  All our spells and blessings are original and energically charged to adapt to your own individual identity. We only use the finest crystals and candles and all our products are activated prior to sale. All you need to do is believe! 

We take our job seriously! All our candles and crystals are cleansed and blessed using an age old blend of blessing oil made by Leighann.  Our candles are then dressed using a special blend made by Leighann especially for the intended purpose of the magic.  Our Blessed and Magic Candle range is then engraved by hand with the purpose of the candle and packed in the appropriate  coloured bag with activation herbs and an Activated Crystal to keep it cleansed and charged. They are then left in the healing room to steep and enhance so that by the time they get to you the magic is charged and just waiting for you to light them and set the magic free.  Our spell kits are karmically balanced and aligned so as not to interfere with your own or others authentic path.  All spells are blessed to become individual to the needs of the person lighting the candle.  The best time to perform any magic work is on the new or full moon.  These spell kits have been made to work at all times; for example our luck kits will work on a new, full or waxing by bringing in the magic of good luck, on a waning moon they will work by ridding you of all bad luck effecting you and only allowing the good luck to shine.  We take a great deal of time in packaging our spell kits to match the right candle with the right crystal for your individual purpose.  If it doesn’t feel right, the crystal goes back in the pile and another one is used.  It has to all completely and totally balance or we are not going to put it on the shelf.  Our activated crystal healing sets are blessed with healing and protection oil to keep them cleansed at all times and packaged in whatever colour enhances their purpose, and come with instructions if needed.  Our wish kits are light and playful but still pack a punch.  These crystals have been activated to work as a team to amplify and enhance the magic of each individual crystal.  With a magic charm put in for protection and purpose it is a complete spell in itself.