Leighann Reitano, Psychic Therapist

About Me
My name is Leighann Reitano. I have worked full time in my own business as a Psychic Medium for 14 years. I have 4 children and I was previously a bookkeeper before starting my own business.
I'm passionate about helping my clients start their journey towards their personal purpose and destiny and I do this by communicating with spirit, giving readings, healings and sharing advice. 
I am based in Mackay, QLD, and visit Brisbane regularly for appointments. I also work remotely with clients across Australia, giving readings and healings via phone. 
I have recently opened a new spiritual community: "The Soul of One Spiritual Community". The purpose of this community is to join with others who believe in spirit and the connected-ness of all.

My Story - How I Became 'Psychic Leighann'
About 15 years ago I accompanied a friend to a ‘learn to read tarot workshop’. By the end of the day everyone was struggling to understand what was what and I was making people cry by talking about their dead relatives which I could somehow ‘see’ in the cards. Was all great fun and games. The day finished and I went back to my normal very ordinary life. I went to sleep as normal. I was always exhausted, 4 children do that. Then I woke up in a brand new world.

My first thought on wakening was not a thought at all, it was a very loud voice telling me that life was different and this was who I was now. Strange dream or so I thought. The morning started as usual, kind of, except the weird looks from my kids. Apparently they weren’t saying anything but I was answering them as if they were. So I just stayed quiet, in that quiet the voice that I heard in my ‘dream’ repeated very loudly, THIS IS WHO YOU ARE NOW.   I had no family history of mental illness (that I knew of anyway!) and didn’t know what the hell was happening. By the time I got the children to school the world was very very LOUD. I just pretended everything was fine and did what I had to do.

I thought I was going nuts
Back home I went about my day. Or I tried to anyway. I would answer the phone to find there was nobody there, just to hang up and have the phone ring to have a conversation that I swear to god I had already had. It was like everybody was on repeat. People were getting quite upset that I was having conversations about things they hadn’t told me about. I was also answering questions people were thinking but hadn’t said, there was a lot of how did you know that happening??? Yep I thought, I am going mad. Stark raving loony tunes nuts. 

I picked up children from school to be asked how I knew. Apparently the awards I had congratulated them on, the homework I was asking if they had worked out, the fights with friends I was telling them how to handle had all happened that day AFTER they got to school. In my head these things had already happened and these conversations had already been had. I wasn’t making things up it was like I had no filter that differentiated between now and the future, what was a thought and what was a word and everything was so LOUD.

Hearing others thoughts
By the time my day had settled down and I had time to think it was too late to go to doctors or wherever it is people go when they are having a psychotic episode. I would not have known what to say anyway. It would have been "hey, I have been hearing voices, not strange voices but the voices of my family and friends and strangers as they walk past and they don’t say anything really just thoughts that I can hear, and by the way doctor, do you know that people have really weird thoughts?" Oh, there is one voice I don’t know, he is pretty weird though, just keeps saying "this is who you are now".     

Why was this happening
As that day turned to the next day and then then next, the noise got louder and louder still. I begged it to stop and kept asking why this was happening. The voice of my insanity informed me that I chose to remember (remember what??), so it was his job to make sure I never forgot. I had no idea what he was talking about. I had never been spiritual or new age, I hadn’t read the books, I didn’t know we had all forgotten anything at all!!!!   

I was brought up a catholic, and even though very lapsed at this point, I prayed to every god, saint and anybody I could think of, to take the noise away. Then a heard a new voice, very feminine, who informed me she was Mother Mary and told me "to just accept that maybe this is how it was now". Gee that worked, now the delusions had names, religious ones at that. I contemplated my insanity had become complete, then I thought why not, I will accept anything for peace. And it all became very quiet.  

That was not the end that was just the beginning
I had a baptism of fire into a world that I never believed existed. I learnt about ghosts and guides and people from a point of what others would call insanity, voices of people that were not real, there were no books for these lessons.  Eventually those voices became very normal. Now, 15 years and what seems like a whole life time later, as the man upstairs (first voice I heard) said, this is who I am now.  

I never was taught to do what I do, so I still operate in the way it all first appeared to me, I listen to what is said from those who know - spirits, guides and whoever else needs to have a voice at that point in time. I give those words a human slant, for ease of understanding and it all comes together in the way it is meant to be received.

My Purpose
I also still teach tarot workshops exactly how I was taught. My purpose in this lifetime was literally thrust upon me, my ability to communicate with spirit is just part of what I am here for, my real gift in this lifetime and one which I will forever be grateful to spirit for, is my ability to start your journey towards your own personal purpose and destiny. 

Blessings, Leighann

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